Summer shows

Well I have to say I’ve been a little bit rubbish at keeping up to date with my blog! I’ve just realised that I’ve not written anything since just after the British Craft Trade Fair (BCTF) way back in April! So much has happened since then that I think I might have to do a quick round up before another post about what’s coming up in the future.

I was busily making away, fulfilling the orders from shops and galleries straight after BCTF with work being sent throughout the UK, from The Tayberry Gallery in Perth, Scotland down to The Dutch House Gallery in Crayke, Yorkshire and over to The Doghouse Gallery in Comber, Northern Ireland to name a few. I have also had a steady number of orders throughout the year and my stockist list is growing nicely. Have a peek to see if there’s one near you and if you have any suggestions of lovely galleries or shops that you think would suit my work, let me know.

The summer was full of making and exhibiting at selling shows including Potfest at the Palace, Earth and Fire, and Potfest in the Pens. Potfest in the Palace was at the beautiful Scone Palace in Perth; it was quite a trek to get there but the setting more than made up for the jourMagnificent tree in the grounds of Rufford Abbeyney. It was my first experienceWrap pot in its new home of a three day selling event and I’m pleased to say it was a great first experience. It’s always good to talk to customers about my work, have discussions about techniques or inspiration and I loved receiving some pictures of my pots in their new homes. A few weeks later it was off to Rufford Abbey in Nottinghamshire for Earth and Fire, another beautiful location and very successful show. At Earth and Fire all the stalls are in the open air throughout the ruins, mine was on the Abbey Top and I My stall in the Abbey Top, Earth and Fire 2015had an open window behind me with a view of the most magnificent tree, and luckily the weather was kind to us. The middle of summer took me to Penrith and to Potfest in the Pens, a ceramic show I have visited many times. It always amazes me how the cattle pens are transformed by each potter to My stall at Potfest in the Pens 2015display their work. This year it was my turn to take part and I was very pleased with how my pen looked after much tweaking of my display. It was a great show, more wonderful customers and my fellow potters made the three days fly by.

So three very different shows, all with different ways of exhibiting: in a marquee with two 6ft tables, on an open air market stall style table in the ruins of an abbey and in a pen of a cattle market. My box of ‘things I may just need when I’m at a show’ definitely got bigger this summer and I learnt above all to be adaptable to the space and the environment of my allocated spot.

Size Chart - Katy O'Neil Handmade Ceramic Jewellery

Katy O’Neil Handmade Ceramic Jewellery Sizing Chart

Please note that all sizes are approximate due the individually handmade nature of the pieces.


All pot sizes are indicated within the product description








23mm diameter

30mm diameter

40mm diameter



15mm x 30mm

22mm x 40mm

32mm x 44mm



22mm x 22mm

30mm x 30mm

40mm x 40mm








9mm diameter

12mm diameter

15mm diameter



10mm x 10mm

13mm x 13mm

15mm x 15mm

Rings Shape Small Medium Large
Round 15mm diameter 23mm diameter 30mm diameter
Oblong 15mm x 30mm 22mm x 40mm
Square 15mm x 15mm 22mm x 22mm 30mm x 30mm
Bracelet Shape Standard
Oblong 22mm x 40mm
Square 22mm x 22mm

To give an idea of scales, three sizes of pendant are pictured with a fifty pence piece. (Apologies to non-UK customers!)